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Shaded roof terrace (110m2). Power point.


Full 360 degree panoramic views. Sunrise and sunset . View of virgin forested mountain to south and ruined monastery to the north.


Communal dining/sitting terrace (4.5 x 11m)


Sitting style both small tables and comfortable platforms.


Inside open plan kitchen, equipped with commercial gas cooker and sink.


Large wood burning stove and kitchen table and chairs.


Conventional Bathroom. Hot and cold water. Shower and flushing toilet.




Water Deposit - with sensitivity to the family we share the monastery with we can use the water deposit for swimming, dipping and relaxing. Situated 200m uphill of San Juan Hermitage at the monastery.


Compost Toilet- functional, stylish and pleasant to use! Saves water and creates great tree compost.


Outdoor Showers- two distinctive private shower areas secluded in nature. Spring water warmed in the pipes by the sun.


Sunset Terrace- catching the last rays of the day’s glory a dedicated space nestling against the hermitage. A cozy and comfortable chill out.


El Convento Retreat has approximately 12 hectares of land. Half being virgin forest containing a derelict hermitage and the remaining given over to organic olive and almond trees.


Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve surrounds El Convento and is entirely available to enjoy and relax in. Numerous walks are available, short to challenging. Ruined tin mines and caves are accessible for the well equipped.

- We provide all accommodation with sheets, pillows and duvets. For larger familys, extra tent provided at no extra cost


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Flat Hut 1
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