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Nine kilometers into the nature reserve Sierra de las Nieves in Andalucia, lies El Convento Yoga Retreat and Holiday Centre. The reserve is only 30 minutes drive from Ronda and 70 minutes away from the regions capital Malaga.


The nearest village El Burgo is close to the reserve entrance.


San Juan Hermitage; home to El Convento Retreat, address, Partida la Rejertilla, 29, Málaga 29420


Features a unique panoramic roof practice space. The main room is an open plan kitchen and dining area. Outside a 12 meter long terrace provides opportunity to relax and enjoy the stunning nature.


The hermitage location is perfect for views of sunrise and sunset at either end of the terrace. San Juan is south facing with shade throughout the day provided by the practice space above. Below the hermitage is a gorge then the mountain rises again, giving endless views of nature in harmony.


San Juan is set within olive and almond trees on flat ground and is overlooked by the former monastery in the north. The atmospheric crumbling ruins contain the protected intact church and homes to the visiting Vera family. Occasionally at night lights shine in the ruins providing welcome signs of life.






At 800 meters above sea level El Convento Retreat tends to be 5o C below the daytime temperature at the coast i.e. Malaga. This means daytime temperatures are pleasant even in July and August with maximums around 30o .


Nighttime temperatures unlike the coast drop and are very comfortable, light douves being the norm.


From June to the end of October blazing blue skies are nearly guaranteed.


Overcast days are very rare and rain is almost impossible.


The sunlight is strong especially as the mountain air is clean and free of pollution. Midday is the time for being in the shade eating and the traditional siesta, or at least taking it easy.


Sun block, sunglasses and hats are recommended.


When going for walks shoes and sandals with good gripping soles are recommended as flat bottomed soles slip and slide.









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