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Henriette Skotland, El Convento Yoga Retreat Manager


Gained blessing to teach ashtanga yoga in 1999 by Shri K. Patabhi Jois in Mysore, India.


After teaching yoga for many years in London Nic jointly opened El Convento Retreat in 2003 under the Ahstangaom partnership.


Deep love of nature, simplicity, healthy living, space and beauty.


Nic’s passion for the outdoors and self styled lifestyle maintains El Convento Retreat with a wonderfully varied selection of activities from parent and partner, caretaker, yoga teacher, walking guide, gardener, mechanic, water manager, eco advocate and fixer, to all things Andalucian.


Henriette’s life long passion for travel and natural living is captured at El Convento Retreat. Clothes designer for over a decade her attention to detail is El Convento Retreats blessing.


Adding a warm women's touch to the rugged beauty of the mountains.


Passionately enjoys the peace and tranquility of a real retreat in nature.


Growing up in Scandinavia and living throughout the world Henriette adds an international flavour to El Convento Retreat.

Nic Freeman, Yoga Teacher El Convento Yoga Retreat

Nic Freeman

Yoga Teacher & Founder

Henriette Skotland