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Nic Freeman


Teaches Ashtanga Yoga in a style that is accessible by all.


Traditionally trained in Mysore, India (1997-2000) by Shri k.Patabhi Jois and maintains and authentic practice today.


Began teaching retreats in Spain 2001.


At present teaches yoga in Goa, India and Copenhagen, Denmark.


Nic focuses on developing an individual yoga practice that feels good and is not competitive or over demanding to oneself. The breath is maintained as the primary focus, this softens the practice and mind.


The ability to focus inward raises sensitivity and encourages feeling rather than thinking through the practice and ultimately life.


Developing a smooth steady breath combined with an attitude of surrender leads to a soft peaceful yet deeply challenging practice.


Nic's teaching style uses the traditional Ashtanga Yoga series as a base. Together with adaptations and flexibility, a dynamic and calm practice can be established.


Each day we will build on a set series of postures, enabling a personal individual practice routine to be gained. The morning yoga practice will be led through by talking and example and last approximately 90 minutes. Each practice includes sitting and lying down in deep relaxation for at least 20 minutes.


A more challenging individual yoga practice can be offered if required ie handstand techniques and postures from the second series. Beginners to yoga are welcome as attitude is more important than experience.


Every participant will be encouraged to develop a practice during the retreat that they can either do by themselves or use as a solid foundation to build upon in future classes.