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Meet Nic and Henriette, the heart and soul behind this small, well-established family-run business. With authentic roots in yoga, they were trained in Mysore, India, by the legendary Patabhi Jois in the 1990s. This yoga retreat is not just a villa in the countryside; it holds a profound spiritual history. The location was chosen 500 years ago by the Carmelites for their spiritual practices, and even before them, it was home to hermits. Nestled in this awe-inspiring setting, their retreat offers a truly unique and enriching experience. Join them for a journey of self-discovery and inner peace, as you immerse yourself in the heritage and tranquillity of this amazing place.

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We have been running yoga retreats for over 16 years. Get in touch to start planning your next retreat.

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Convento Virgen de las Nieves, Carril del Convento O de la Fuensanta, 29420 El Burgo, Málaga, Spain


+44 7947 476932

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